program-peanutTexas is the second-largest peanut-producing state in the U. S., producing approximately 20% of the nation’s peanut crop on more then 350,000 planted acres. Peanut production has a significant benefit to the Texas economy, with an annual crop value of $150 million, and an overall economic benefit of approximately $1 billion.

AgriLife Extension State Peanut Specialist

Research Interests
  • Develop superior peanut varieties that are competitive in yield and have improved quality characteristics
  • Development of disease-resistant and abiotic stress-tolerant germplasm to reduce the costs of production to growers
  • Studying the genetics of peanuts to improve efficiency in breeding through development and use of molecular markers
  • Develop and evaluate more effective chemical and non-chemical controls for the major weed species in peanuts
  • Improvement of seed quality of peanuts grown in West Texas
  • Reduction of production costs due to water usage and disease
  • Development and use of molecular tools to assist in peanut improvement
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