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Nithya Rajan

Rajan, Nithya
Nithya Rajan
Associate Professor
336A Heep Center
Ph.D., Texas Tech University, 2007

Specialty:Crop Physiology / Agroecology

Sample analysis cost: $14/sample for soil organic carbon and total nitrogen.

My current research areas include crop ecophysiology, agroecology and water management of agricultural crops. My research integrates measurements by a variety of techniques such as remote sensing, simulation modeling, soil and boundary layer flux (CO2, water vapor, and greenhouse gases) measurements. It involves scaling up point measurements to the field and landscape scales using modeling and geospatial data. It also includes the development of decision support tools for irrigation management.  My other research interests include large scale agroecosystem studies addressing issues such as land use change, water sustainability, and climate change.

I currently teach a capstone undergraduate course Crop Production Systems (SCSC 441) each Fall and a graduate course in Crop Physiology (SCSC 607) every other year.

Support Staff and Students

Philip Hinson | Jennifer MacMillan | Miles Mikeska | Dinesh Phuyal | Pramod Pokhrel | Rahul Raman | Musfiq-Us-Salehin | Rajan Shrestha | Jeffrey Siegfried

Courses Taught

SCSC 441 – Crop Production Systems (Fall; 3-0) This is the capstone class for senior undergraduate students in the Soil and Crop Sciences department majoring with a ‘crops’ emphasis. Classes will be centered around project-based learning. This course will provide an opportunity for senior students to demonstrate what they have learned in previous courses. Some of the topics that will be covered include precision agriculture (robotics, remote sensing and variable rate applications of agricultural inputs) and water management.

SCSC 607 – Crop Physiology (Spring, every even years, 3-0) Study of physiological processes and mechanisms of major agronomic crops in relation to their environment. Special topics that will be covered include an introduction to plant growth simulation modeling and the interrelationships between plant physiology and remote sensing. Prerequisites: None.