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Dariusz Malinowski

Malinowski, Dariusz
Dariusz Malinowski
Vernon, Texas


Main objectives of the Forage Systems Research Program are to develop and conduct an integrated team-oriented forage cropping and grazing systems research program, and basic research to investigate the ecological and physiological basis for adaptation and productivity of summer-dormant cool-season perennial grasses and selected under-utilized crops in low rainfall environments, including development of new adapted cultivars using applied breeding approaches. The major areas of emphasis include: 1) Introduction and development of persistent and productive cool-season perennial grasses adapted to environments of the Southern Great Plains; 2) Development of management practices of these new forage crops; 3) Identifying mechanisms responsible for adaptation of cool-season perennial    grasses to drought, including interactions with leaf-located Neotyphodium fungal endophytes; 4) Development of methods to incorporate annual and perennial legumes into mixed stands with summer-dormant cool-season perennial grasses; 5) Identifying morphological and physiological traits for selection of dual-use wheat with improved forage production and reduced bloat potential; and 6) Determine physiological stress characteristics and cropping potential of non-traditional and under-utilized crops – Breeding of superior winter-hardy hibiscus cultivars (H. x moscheutos).