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Shuyu Liu

Liu, Shuyu
Shuyu Liu
Associate Professor
Amarillo, Texas

Specialty: Small Grain Geneticist


My research focuses on the genetic and genomic studies of important traits of wheat in the US Great Plains. Traits include drought and heat tolerance, resistance to diseases (leaf, stem and stripe rusts, wheat streak mosaic virus), and arthropods (greenbug, hessian fly, and wheat curl mite) as well as good end-use quality. Both traditional and molecular breeding techniques are used to develop germplasm lines with one or more target traits. Genomic techniques include gene/QTL mapping, molecular marker identification, validation and utilization, high throughput Kompetitive allele specific PCR (KASP) single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) screening, and gene cloning. Association mapping, genomic selection, and gene functional analyses are being used to understand and improve those target traits.

Support Staff and Students

Chunggen Chu | Mehmet Dogan | Jorge Valenzuela Antelo | Zhen Wang