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Russell W. Jessup

Jessup, Russell W.
Russell W. Jessup
Associate Professor
431B Heep Center
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2005

Specialty:Perennial Grass Breeding

Research. My research focuses on conventional, cytogenetic, and genomic strategies towards development of improved perennial grasses as biorefinery platforms for biofuels, turfgrasses, forage, ornamentals, phytoremediators and renewable bio-based products.  This includes developing molecular tools to assist marker-assisted breeding programs for value-added traits such as: net primary productivity, carbon sequestration, perenniality, photoperiodism, hybrid sterility, and apomixis.  Feedstocks are further selected for resource use efficiency, stress tolerance, and novel seeded-yet-sterile hybrid systems.

Teaching. I currently teach: 1) 6 undergraduate sections (3 web-based, 2 blended classroom:web-based, 1 honors) of ‘Recreational Turf’ (SCSC 302), and 2) 2 graduate sections (1 web-based, 1 CEU-based) of ‘Intellectual Property in the Sciences’ (SCSC 640) annually.  My annual instructing load is approximately 358 students/yr (WSCH/FTE of 3225/yr /3 yrs).

Support Staff and Students

Logan Agnaarsson | Heather Baldi | Chris Centeno | Zoran Ilievski | Nick Porter | Megan Shawgo | Xiaoqing Shen

Courses Taught
SCSC 302. Recreational Turf. (3-0). Credit 3. Principles underlying construction and maintenance practices for turf facilities including athletic fields, golf courses, parks and home lawns; aesthetic, safety and economic aspects of turf varieties, soil conditions, plant protectants and maintenance equipment. Prerequisite: Biology or approval of instructor.
SCSC 640, Intellectual Property in the Plant Sciences. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours. Introduction to major foci of intellectual property (IP) impacting plant sciences, including: 1) traditional vs. emerging knowledge economies, 2) governing statutes and treaties, 3) forms of IP, and 4) IP asset identification, valuation, capture and deployment towards understanding the best practices for IP strategy development and IP portfolio management.