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Julie A Howe

Howe, Julie A
Julie A Howe
Associate Professor of Soil Science
616 Heep Center

Specialty: Soil Chemistry

Research: The main focus of my research program is to better understand the impact of soil management practices on the fate and transformations of nutrients and carbon in the soil and water. My goal is improve nutrient cycling and carbon storage in soils through better land management that is economically viable and environmentally responsible. Understanding transformations of nutrients and carbon in an agroecosystem is an important aspect of the research goal.

Teaching: At the undergraduate level, I teach Soil Science (SCSC 301), which is designed to introduce students to the nature and properties of soils.  At the graduate level, I teach Soil Chemistry and Fertility (SCSC 627).  This course focuses on understanding nutrients including factors that control availability in soils, uptake mechanisms, and demand of nutrient in the plant. This course prepares students to fully understand nutrients both in the soil and in the plant.

Support Staff and Students

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