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Dirk B. Hays

Hays, Dirk B.
Dirk B. Hays
220D Heep Center
Ph.D., University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1997

Specialty:Cereal Grain Developmental Genetics


My research focuses on nutritional, food product, and a/biotic stress plant breeding in wheat, sorghum, cowpea, cassava and high biomass energy crop using high throughput remote sensing, biochemical, physiological, and genetic based methods.  I currently teach an upper-level undergraduate course in Crop Stress Management (SCSC 402) and a graduate course in Physiology of Plants (MEPS 601) each fall semester.

Support Staff and Students:

Tyler Adams | Iliyana Dobreva | Ilse Barrios Perez | Rachel Rivero | Sheryl Strauch | Zhen Wang | Matthew Wolfe | Yaojie Zheng | Homa Zarghami

Courses Taught
SCSC 402. Crop Stress Management. (3-2). Credit 4. Identification, measurement, biology, physiology and management of crop stress; limitations of specific environments to crop productivity; morphological and physiological crop stress response mechanisms. Prerequisites: SCSC 307, junior or senior classification, or approval of instructor. Spring semester.
MEPS 601. Physiology of Plants. (3-0). Credit 3.Advanced physiology of higher plants, includes water relations, mineral metabolism, biochemistry, growth, development, hormones, environmental signals and stress physiology. Emphasis on current literature and research trends; cellular and sub-cellular mechanisms related to whole plant behavior. Prerequisites: BICH 410 and MEPS 313 or approval of instructor. Fall semester.