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Scott A. Finlayson

Finlayson, Scott A.
Scott A. Finlayson
Associate Professor
220B Heep Center
Ph.D., Botany, University of Calgary, 1994

Specialty:Plant Development


The main focus of my research program is investigating the roles of environmental signals as conditioners of plant growth and development, and discovering the mechanisms through which they work.  Current research interests include defining the pathways and mechanisms associated with the regulation of branch development by light signals (and other signals), using both crop and model species.  I also have a broad interest in how phytohormones participate in the regulation of growth and development and stress responses.

Support Staff and Students

Qing Li | Sungkyn Park

Courses Taught
SCSC 307. Crop Biology and Physiology. (3-2). Credit 4.

Emphasis on seed biology, germination, development of cells and tissues, anatomy, and growth and development of crop plants; plant hormones and tropisms, membranes and membrane transport, water absorption and transport through plants, photosynthesis, respiration and carbohydrate metabolism, and flowering; environmental effects on crop adaptation, growth, development, and productivity. Prerequisites: SCSC 205, junior or senior classification, or approval of instructor.

SCSC 689 – Special Topics: The Physiological Basis of Crop Improvement. Credit 1-4.