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Muthu Bagavathiannan

Bagavathiannan, Muthu
Muthu Bagavathiannan
Associate Professor
338A Heep Center
Ph.D., University of Manitoba, Canada, 2009

Specialty:Weed Science and Agronomy

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My research interests fall within the broader area of Weed Science and Agronomy, with particular emphasis on weed ecology and management. The threat of herbicide resistance is immense in broad-acre systems, leading to loss of effective herbicide options, increased herbicide use and unintended impacts on the broader environment. To this effect, the prime goal of my research program is to understand the evolutionary biology and dynamics of herbicide resistance in weed communities and develop integrated pest management (IPM) solutions encompassing chemical and non-chemical tactics to prevent/effectively manage herbicide resistance. I particularly use simulation modeling tools to answer some of the fundamental research questions surrounding herbicide resistance evolution and guide management decision-making. My research takes an inter-disciplinary approach in addressing knowledge gaps (problem-centric rather than discipline-centric) by integrating tools and knowledge from a wide range of disciplines. I actively collaborate with eminent research groups within and outside the United States.

Courses Taught
SCSC 651 Weed Biology and Ecology (2-2) Credit 3 -Fundamentals of weed invasion, development, persistence and competition with agronomic crops; consideration of ecological concepts important to weedcrop relationships as influenced by weed control and other cultural practices. Practical consideration of integrated weed management systems and weed identification. Prerequisites: SCSC 303; MEPS 313. 562 Course Descriptions/Soil and Crop Sciences. Spring semester even years.
SCSC 689-606 Special Topics – Essentials for Plant Systematics and Management in Agronomy