Several Soil and Crop Sciences faculty members have been selected to receive awards at the Agronomy Society of America and Crop Science Society of America annual meetings in the fall.

Jane Dever

Dr. Jane Dever has been named as an ASA Fellow, the highest award bestowed by the Society.  Dr. Dever specializes in cotton breeding, conducting her research at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Lubbock.  One of the primary goals in her research program is to use classical breeding to incorporate native traits into cultivars for organic production.

Dr. Dever originally joined the Lubbock staff in 1983 as a Graduate Research Assistant. While completing her Master’s and Ph.D. at Texas Tech, she moved up the ranks through Research Associate to Associate Research Scientist. In 1992, Dever left the A&M system to work briefly at Tech, and then the private sector.  Dr. Dever returned to the A&M System in 2008 as a Professor at the Lubbock Center.  She has authored or co-authored 23 peer-review journals and has advised or co-advised 3 postdoctoral research associates, 14 PhD students and 13 Master’s students. She has be awarded the “Golden Hoe” by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative for her contributions to the organic cotton industry and has earned the Cotton Genetics Research award.

Sam Feagley

Dr. Sam Feagley has been selected to receive the ASA Agronomic Residence Teaching Award. This award considers classroom skills, innovative teaching methods, performance by graduates and student-teacher interactions as well as accomplishment and awards earned as classroom teacher.

Dr. Feagley earned his B.Sc. in Chemistry and his M.Sc. in Soil Fertility and Chemistry at Texas A&M, and his Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry from the University of Missouri. He returned to A&M 1995, joining the faculty as a Professor of Soil Science and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension State Soil Environmental Specialist.  He teaches SCSC 301 – Introduction to Soil Science; SCSC 420/620 – Brazilian Agriculture and Food Production Systems, a study abroad course; and SCSC 615 – Reclamation of Drastically Altered Lands.  He has authored 31 peer-reviewed journal articles, taught numerous undergraduates, advised/co-advised 4 postdoctoral research associates, 5 PhD students and 11 Master’s students. While at LSU, Dr. Feagley was received several Outstanding Teacher Awards; and at A&M has received a Special Achievement Award for Teaching from the Soil and Crop Sciences Department, as well as a Vice Chancellor’s Award in Excellence for Teaching.

Steve Hague

Dr. Steve Hague will be receiving the CSSA Crop Science Teaching Award.  This award focuses on excellence in teaching crop science at graduate and undergraduate levels. It is based on an evaluation of classroom skills, innovative teaching approaches, student-teacher interactions and awards earned as a teacher.

Dr. Hague is an Associate Professor specializing in cotton breeding. He teaches SCSC 304 – Plant Breeding and Genetics; SCSC 305 – Production Agronomy Experiences; and SCSC 421 – a study abroad course in Mexico. In his classroom, Dr. Hague emphasizes high-impact learning experiences. He advises the A&M Crop Judging team, has authored/co-authored 59 peer-reviewed journal articles, advised or co-advised six PhD students and five Master’s students.  He has supervised six undergraduate research projects and 26 undergraduate internships.  He has previously received the Special Achievement award for Teaching from the Soil and Crop Sciences Dept. at Texas A&M.