The 2021 SSLR workshop was held virtually February 4-5, 2021.


  • Binita Thapa, Texas A&M University: Soil Active Carbon is Affected by Organic Amendment, Tillage and Cover Cropping – presentation
  • Kenneth Hall, USDA-NRCS: A Digital Soil Survey Mapping Approach to a Coastal Zone Soil Survey of West Galveston Bay – presentation
  • Jake Mowrer, Texas A&M University: Native Species Remediation of Severe Compaction at Ft. Hood (Biological Drilling) – presentation
  • Tyson Morley, USDA-NRCS: Using DSM Methods for Initial Soil Survey -Altus Air Force Base – presentation
  • Chance Robinson and Jeremy Dennis, USDA-NRCS: Dynamic Soil Survey in Oklahoma – presentation
  • Sara Russell and Tyson Hart, USDA-NRCS: Using RStudio for Enhanced Digital Soil Mapping – presentation
  • Travis Waiser, USDA-NRCS: Measuring Soil Carbon within San Antonio City Limits – presentation
  • Skye Wills, USDA-NRCS: SPSD and Cooperative Research – presentation