Undergraduate Programs

Students who complete an undergraduate course of study in Soil and Crop Sciences will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in either Plant and Environmental Soil Science or Turfgrass Science. Students outside the department may minor in Agronomy, Environmental Soil Science or Plant Breeding (see below) or double major in PSSC or TGSC.

Our majors and minors offer students the opportunity to work with applied sciences to make a difference in our world by improving the efficiency of crop production, enhancing the quality of food and fiber crops,  and improving turfgrasses. Soil and Crop sciences offers the opportunity to combine biology, physics, chemistry and biotechnology into one discipline.

The Bachelor of Science degrees require a minimum of 120 credit hours. Details of course requirements are given below (degrees offered) and in the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog. Information on undergraduate admissions can be obtained from the Office of Admissions. It is strongly recommended that you contact an adviser prior to applying for admission. Advisors are able to assist with the transfer of coursework, plan for admission, and more. If you would like to make an appointment please contact LeAnn Hague: (979) 845-6148, leann.hague@tamu.edu or book an appointment on her online calendar.

Change of Major Requirement

Students interested in changing their major to Plant and Environmental Soil Science or Turfgrass Science need to schedule an appointment with LeAnn Hague: leann.hague@tamu.edu or book online. Students must have a heavy science interest with BIOL 111 or 113 and CHEM 101/111 or equivalents completed, along with one math course (see below).

Transfer students wishing to join the Department of Soil and Corp Sciences are recommended to have the following:
One MATH 140, 141, 142, 150, 151, 152
BIOL 111 or 101
CHEM 101/111
2.5 GPA and 24 transferable completed hours

Transfer Course Plan for TGSC – Turfgrass Science
Transfer Course Plan for PSSC – Plant and Environmental Soil Science

Experiential Learning

Undergraduates are required to complete one experiential learning course, this includes an internship, undergraduate research or a study abroad.  Students receive information through the department, and are encouraged to attend career fairs, and network with faculty and industry professionals to secure internships. Opportunities include participation in faculty research projects, including regional, national and international programs. For more information about the requirements of an internship or undergraduate research please see the experiential learning manual.

Degrees Offered

To request more information contact LeAnn Hague: Leann.hague@tamu.edu.

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