Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Soil & Crop Sciences at Texas A&M University is one of the largest departments of its kind in the nation and is preeminent throughout the world. Students in our department have the option to choose between two hands-on, science based majors:

  • B. S. in Plant & Environmental Soil Science
    • Crops Emphasis or Soil and Water Emphasis
  • B.S. in Turfgrass Science

Additionally, our department offers minors in Agronomy, Environmental Soil Science, and Plant Breeding.

Our students have the opportunity to impact global climate change, participate in biofuel agronomics, manage high quality green spaces like golf courses, sports fields and parks, impact environmental and sustainable development, as well as be a part of the exciting field of feeding and clothing people worldwide through agronomy, farming and crop production. We equip students with the knowledge and skills to manage soil, water and plant systems that are sustainable for both civilization and our natural environment as we meet the challenge to provide food, clothing, housing, and fuel for more than nine billion people by 2050. Our students are part of the next generation that is preparing to meet these immense challenges and opportunities.

Not only will you be learning from faculty that are experts in their field, but you will have the chance to participate and become a part of the many high impact, enriching opportunities that can only be found in these two majors such as:

  • Conducting research with current faculty.
  • On campus employment that provides practical hands-on training beyond the classroom.
  • Taking a study abroad trip.
  • Joining the student organizations in the department.
  • Participating in internships around the world.
  • Becoming a member of the department’s judging teams.

Once you’re here, it won’t be long before your professors know your name and your fellow students make you feel part of the Aggie family.

For more information about the degrees and opportunities for you, please click the links to the right.

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