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Hongbin Zhang

Zhang, Hongbin
Hongbin Zhang
427A Heep Center
Ph.D., University of California at Davis, CA. 1990

Specialty´╝ÜPlant Genomics & Systems Biology

My research is focused on genomics and systems biology in crop plants, particularly development of genomic and systems biological knowledge and new or advanced technologies for enhanced crop research and breeding. These include re-establishing of the molecular basis and mechanisms of genetics and biology; cloning and characterization of genes and quantitative trait loci (QTLs) controlling traits of agronomic importance; deciphering of the molecular mechanisms of biological phenomena or traits of importance such as quantitative genetics, epigenetics, crop yield, crop quality, heterosis and plant polyploidization; and development of molecular toolkits and associated pipelines for next-generation enhanced crop breeding such as gene-based breeding and crop production such as molecular precision agriculture.

Plant Genomics and GENEFinder Genomic Research

I currently teach two graduate courses in genomics and systems biology (SCSC 654 and SCSC 655) crossed linked with three intercollege programs, GENE (Genetics), MEPS (Molecular and Environmental Plant Science) and BIOT (Professional Program in Biotechnology).

Support Staff and Students
Gali Bai | Mustafa Cilkiz | Mehmet Dogan | Ozge Ekinci | Chantel Scheuring |

Courses Taught

SCSC, GENE, MEPS, and BIOT 654: Analysis of Complex Genomes Syllabus

SCSC, GENE, MEPS and BIOT 655: Analysis of Complex Genomes (Labs) Syllabus