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Richard H. White

White, Richard H.
Richard H. White
Room 106 Turfgrass Research Laboratory Building
Ph.D., Va Tech, 1985

Specialty:Turfgrass Physiology & Management

My research program focuses on the development of information to understand mechanisms of stress resistance in perennial grasses that are used for turf and conservation purposes.  The primary focus of the program is to develop fundamental information for an understanding of mechanisms of drought and temperature resistance in perennial grasses.  My research program also contributes to applied programs in irrigation water management and conservation and results in the refinement of management strategies that reduce cultural inputs required to maintain turfgrass areas. My teaching responsibilities include a number of undergraduate courses and advising and directing graduate students.

Courses Taught

SCSC 312. Introductory Turfgrass Management Laboratory. (0-2). Credit 1. I Fundamentals of turfgrass anatomy, growth habit, identification and characteristics of cool- and warm-season turfgrass species; understanding of seed quality and labeling, pesticide safety, handling, and application, and fertilizer sources, safety, and application; specialized equipment used in the turfgrass industry. Prerequisite: SCSC 302 or registration therein.

SCSC 429. Turf Management Systems. (3-2). Credit 4. I Development of turf management plans for large turfgrass sites including parks, golf courses and sports facilities; use of case studies to critically analyze turf management programs. Prerequisite: SCSC 428.

SCSC 430. Turfgrass Maintenance. (3-2). Credit 4. II Activities in a day-to-day turfgrass maintenance operation; decision-making in culture, equipment, irrigation systems, budgets, records and labor management. Laboratory includes principles and actual mechanical procedures involved in maintaining turfgrass. Prerequisite: SCSC 428 or approval of instructor. Field trips required for which departmental fee may be assessed to cover costs.