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Endang Septiningsih

Septiningsih, Endang
Endang Septiningsih
Associate Professor
343B Heep Center
Ph.D. in Plant Breeding, Cornell University, 2002

Specialty: Rice Genetics and Genomics

My current research focus is plant genetics and genomics, with an emphasis on rice and peanuts. This covers various traits, including environmental stresses, grain quality, yield and key agronomic traits that are important to Texas and the rest of the world. Research activities include QTL mapping, genome-wide association studies (GWAS), whole genome expression profiling, gene cloning and genome editing. Local, national and international research collaborations are being pursued to accelerate progress for crop improvement and broaden the research impacts.

Support Staff and Students

Sudip Biswas | Aya Bridgeland | Sumeet Mankar | Jamie Mauel | Khushboo Rastogi

Courses Taught
SCSC 402 - Crop Stress Management (3-2) Credits-4 - Identification, measurement, biology, physiology and management of crop stress; limitations of specific environments to crop productivity; morphological and physiological crop stress response mechanisms. Taught every fall semester.
GENE/MEPS/SCSC 411 - Biotechnology for Crop Improvement (3-0) Credits-3 - Use of biotechnology to improve agricultural, horticultural and forest crops; techniques and methods used and case studies where biotechnology has been used to alter traits such as insect, pathogen or herbicide resistance, abiotic stress, protein, oil or vitamin composition. The pros, cons and ethics of genetically modified plants will be discussed. Taught every spring semester.
SCSC 654 - Analysis of Complex Genomes (3-0) Credits-3 - Distance section taught every spring semester