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Larry A. Redmon

Redmon, Larry A.
Larry A. Redmon
Professor and Associate Department Head & Extension Program Leader
434 Heep Center
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1992


Research. Identify and evaluate management strategies that allow beef cattle producers to reduce input costs associated with pasture management and winter feeding that increase potential for a positive cash flow from the production system. This includes the increased use of soil testing, fertilizer applied based on soil test recommendation, forage legumes integrated into pasture systems to improve animal performance, lengthen the grazing season, improve soil conditions, and reduce or eliminate the use of nitrogen fertilizer. Also evaluate herbicide efficacy in pasture systems, including novel approaches using older chemistry, as well as new chemistry.

Teaching. At present, works as a team member teaching the internet-based SCSC 612 graduate forages course. Also works as a facilitator and team member of the multi-discipline, multi-agency Pasture & Livestock Management Workshop for Novices group held at the Texas A&M University Agricultural Research & Extension Center in Overton. Conducts various educational programs state-wide in response to county agent, commodity group, or industry requests.

Courses Taught
SCSC 612. Forage Crops Management. (3-0). Credit 3. Forage plant development, population dynamics and growth behavior patterns; applications of ecological and physiological principles to forage management; principles and practices of forage crops investigations; current literature and concepts. Prerequisite: SCSC 308 or approval of instructor.