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Jake Mowrer

Mowrer, Jake
Jake Mowrer
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
348A Heep Center
Ph.D., Soil Fertility/Soil Chemistry, University of Georgia 2014

Specialty:Soil Nutrient & Water Resource Management

Support Staff and Students

Jennifer CaryDennis Coker | Michael KuituWard Ling | Kimberlyn Pace

Extension: Providing leadership and education in the areas of soil fertility and in water resource stewardship. Increasing awareness and adoption of sustainable management practices for soil nutrients and water resources in agricultural and urban environments through outreach and demonstration. Improvement of impaired surface water resources.

Research: Investigating the effect of soil fertility practices on water-capture and water-use efficiency in row crop, forage, and vegetable production systems. Refining our understanding of tillage, residue, and fertility management to achieve goals in sustainability and profitability for Texas food and fiber producers.