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Paul Schwab

Schwab, Paul
Paul Schwab
618A Heep Center
Ph.D., Colorado State University, 1981

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Specialty:Soil Environmental Chemistry

Research: My research is on the environmental chemistry of organic and metallic contaminants in soils and water with special emphasis on remediation. Transformations, sequestration, leaching, plant uptake, plant-assisted removal, and volatilization of the contaminants have been the focus of the research in our laboratory.

Teaching:  I currently teach SCSC 455/657 Environmental and Water Science (Spring), SCSC 624 Soil Chemistry (Spring), SCSC 422 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient Management (Fall), SCSC 432 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient Management Laboratory (Fall), and team teach SCSC 618 Analysis of Environmental Systems (Fall odd years).

Support Staff and Students

Nasta Babirye | Christopher Dermody | Andrew Lee | Vanessa Limon | Aditi Pandey | Jason Paul

Visiting scientist: Hongli Huang, China

Courses Taught
SCSC 422 - Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient Management (3-0) Credits-3
Chemical, biological and physical processes as they influence soil fertility. Manufacture of fertilizers and their reactions with soils.
SCSC 432 - Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient Management Laboratory (0-3) Credit-1
Methods used in soil testing, fertilizer recommendations, chemical and physical properties of soils, and determination of specific characteristics of a collected and analyzed soil sample.
SCSC 455/657 - Environmental Soil and Water Science (3-0) Credits-3
Discussion of physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil and water and the impact on productivity and sustainability of various ecosystems; application of the knowledge of properties and soil processes to develop and evaluate strategies for protecting and/or improving soil and water quality.
SCSC 618 - Analysis of Environmental Systems (1-2) Credits-2
Classical and contemporary methods for analyzing chemical components of environmental systems, soil, water, plant and gases; environmental chemistry coupled with experiential. Prerequisite: Graduate Classification Team taught with Dr. J. Aitkenhead-Peterson
SCSC 624 - Physical Chemistry of Soils (3-0) Credits-3 (taught alternate years)
Chemistry of clay minerals, inorganic solid phases, and organic colloids in soil; mass transfer reactions in soils: absorption/desorption, precipitation/dissolution, gas/liquid phase exchange; principles of soil acidity and salinity; introduction to application of equilibrium concepts in soils.