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Kelsey Hoegenauer

Hoegenauer, Kelsey
Kelsey Hoegenauer
Visiting Scholar
Heep 545
Ph.D. - Crop, Soil and Environmental Science, University of Arkansas, 2019
M.S. - Plant Science, Auburn University, 2014

Specialty: Soil Fertility and cover crops

I am a Project Scientist for the Soil Health Institute working on the North American project to evaluate soil health measurements. My responsibilitites include collecting soil samples and measurements to evaluate soils under long-term management for indicators of soil health. These indicators include physical, chemical and biological soil characteristics. A list of indicators can be found at https://soilhealthinstitute.org/north-american-project-to-evaluate-soil-health-measurements/.

I am the Soil Health Institute’s liaison for long-term research sites in the southeastern United States that are participating in this project. I will also be collecting historical data from these sites to assess the impact of long-term management on the productivity and vitality of soils across the southeastern U.S. and North America.