The Department of Soil and Crop Sciences offers two undergraduate degrees. We teach a wide range of topics to demonstrate how important soil and crops are to feeding and clothing people worldwide and the impact of turfgrass on our society.

The B.S. degree in Plant and Environmental Soil Sciences (PSSC) prepares students for careers in agronomy, soil science, agricultural research, crop consulting, soil and water conservation, sales, food security, environmental sustainability, water quality and plant breeding. The B.S. degree in Turfgrass Science (TGSC) prepares students for golf course and sports field management. A number of our students eventually pursue graduate and professional degrees.

Bachelor of Science Degrees


Students in other majors may minor in Agronomy, Environmental Soil Science and Plant Breeding.

Double Majors

Students can double major in Plant & Environmental Soil Science or Turfgrass Science. Typically a double major requires 35 – 40 semester credit hours to complete. Students should meet with both their department advisor and a Soil and Crop Sciences advisor to discuss programs and coursework.

Honors Program

The Department of Soil and Crop Sciences Honors Program is designed for highly motivated students majoring in either of our two undergraduate programs to enhance learning through challenging classroom, laboratory, and field experiences.

Course Descriptions

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