Plant Breeding & Biotechnology

grain sorghumPlant Breeding

Plant Breeding is the scientific improvement of plants to provide an economically and enviornmentaly sustainable food, feed and fiber supply. Our plant breeding programs use both phenotypic and molecular assisted selection techniques and develops new methodologies to phenotype and improve plants  to improve quality, output potential of grain, minimize yield losses and reduce crop production costs.”Our plant breeding program alters the genetic composition of varieties to improve crop characteristics. Relying on breeding and molecular techniques for specific target goals to improve quality, output potential of grain, minimize  yield losses and reduce crop production costs.

dnaPlant Genomics and Biotechnology

The molecular breeding program utilizes DNA marker technology to aid the efficient and effective incorporation of valuable traits into improved rice cultivars. Many traits important in the development of cultivars can be difficult to measure or are environmentally sensitive, which makes it difficult to make progress in breeding programs. DNA marker technology aids in overcoming these limitations by using a small amount of seed or leaf tissue from a plant to perform an easily interpreted laboratory test for indicating the likelihood of having the trait of interest. Because it is difficult to combine numerous important traits simultaneously into cultivars, marker-assisted breeding gives geneticists a versatile set of tools that can augment, as well as verify, traditional selection techniques.

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