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Chase Straw

Straw, Chase
Chase Straw
Assistant Professor
Scott's Turf Facility
Ph.D. Crop and Soil Sciences (Turfgrass Science), University of Georgia, 2017
M.S. Crop and Soil Sciences (Turfgrass Science), University of Georgia, 2014
B.S. Plant & Soil Science, University of Kentucky, 2010

Specialty: Turfgrass Science

I teach undergraduate courses in Turfgrass Management Systems (SCSC 429) and Turfgrass Maintenance (SCSC 430), and co-teach Professional Development in Turfgrass Science (SCSC 489). I also oversee Undergraduate Research (SCSC 491).

I hold a 70% research/30% teaching appointment. My primary research interest focuses on precision turfgrass management, which involves interdisciplinary approaches aimed at understanding the spatial and temporal variability of turfgrass systems in order to develop practical strategies for reducing management inputs and improving the overall user experience. My program also conducts general turfgrass management and physiology research that addresses issues for turfgrass management professionals and industry stakeholders.

Support Staff:
Conlan Burbrink | Weston Floyd | Reagan Hejl | Bruce Vento

Courses Taught
SCSC 429 - Turfgrass Management Systems (3-2) Credits - 4     Development of turf management plans for large turfgrass sites including parks, golf courses and sports facilities; use of case studies to critically analyze turf management programs.
SCSC 430 – Turfgrass Maintenance (3-2) Credits: 4   Activities in a day-to-day turfgrass maintenance operation; decision-making in culture, equipment, irrigation systems, budgets, records and labor management. Laboratory includes principles and actual mechanical procedures involved in maintaining turfgrass.
SCSC 489 - Professional Development in Turfgrass Science - Credits: 2   This course is designed to equip students with the fundamental mathematical and diagnostic skill sets practiced on a regular basis in the turf profession. The course is also designed to prepare students who intend to compete in the GCSAA and/or STMA Collegiate Turf Bowl Competitions. However, any student interested in a more in-depth review of turfgrass management principles is encouraged to enroll.
SCSC 491 – Undergraduate Research (1-4) Credits – variable depending on hours committed to project   Prerequisites: Junior or Senior classification, initial meeting with professor to craft a research project, production of a project proposal. Students will present their research.