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Haly Neely

Neely, Haly
Haly Neely
Assistant Professor
543A Heep Center
Ph.D. in Soil Science, TAMU 2014

Specialty:Spatial Soil and Water Management

Support Staff and Students

Catherine Kobylinski | Candice Medina | Lauren Tomlin

My research and teaching program aims at developing, evaluating, and improving both strategies for collecting physical and chemical properties of soils in complex landscapes; and algorithms for land, water, and resource management based on interpretation of layered soil, water, and vegetation data.  My program supports both undergraduate and graduate students’ pursuits in education. I currently teach an introductory course in agricultural science titled Problem Solving in Plant and Soil Systems (SCSC 205) each Fall semester.

Courses Taught
SCSC 205. Problem Solving in Plant and Soil Systems. (2-2). Credit 3. Problems in management of soils, crops, and natural resources; problem solving skills including collecting, interpreting, using and communicating scientific and nonscientific data.