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Cristine L. S. Morgan

Morgan, Cristine L. S.
Cristine L. S. Morgan
545 Heep Center
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2003

Specialty:Soil Science

Research. Spatial heterogeneity of soil affects the quality and quantity of water in streams, reservoirs, and groundwater. The ability to characterize the spatial distribution of soil properties is paramount to understanding water movement, nutrient transport, and soil erosion on a landscape. My research program focuses on methods and instruments to quantify soil properties and variability of soil properties for use in watershed- and field-scale hydrological models. I also look at improving the accuracy of these models by developing parameterization schemes to better represent soil properties. My research will improve the success of non-point source pollution modeling, land-surface modeling, and precision agriculture.

Teaching. The undergraduate course I teach is designed to teach students how to create, understand and interpret field descriptions of soils. With these skills, students are able to evaluate soil properties regarding the variability, limitations, and uses of soils across a landscape. These courses prepare students for careers as urban planners, real estate agents, consultants, policy writers, restoration ecologists, agriculturalist, geologists, and graduate students. I also teach an Applied Spatial statistics class (SCSC 663) this course gives students in the natural resources the tools to statistically analyze and interpret spatial data, and a Pedology course (SCSC 603), which gives student tools understanding soil genesis, soil characterization data, and digital soil assessment.

Recent Publications

Pedology and Landscapes Processes

Support Staff and Students

Razieh Abdollahi | Cody Bagnall | Dianna Bagnall | Sarah Hetrick | Gregory Rouze | Sayantan Samanta | John Shallock | Sarah Vaughan

Courses Taught
SCSC 310 - Soil Morphology and Interpretations (1-3) Credits - 2 Field study of morphological features of soil profiles and the morphological characterization of important soils of Texas in relation to soil use and management. Prerequisite: SCSC 301 or concurrent registration.
SCSC 605 - Pedology (3-0) Credits - 3 Soil genesis, morphology and classification; development of a working knowledge of soil taxonomy and diagnostic horizons used in placement of soils. Prerequisite: SCSC 301 or equivalent, or approval of instructor.
SCSC 663 - Applied Spatial Statistics (3-2) Credits - 4 An introduction to the theory and practice of spatial statistics as applied to the antural resources. Spatial analyses focusing primarily on ordinary kriging, poin processes and lattice data. Prerequisites: Math 141, 142, STAT 651, or equivalents; ESSM 651 preferred Cross-listed with ESSM 663