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Steve Hague

Hague, Steve
Steve Hague
Cotton Improvement Lab
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2000

Specialty:Cotton Breeding

My research emphasis is to create cotton cultivars and germplasm with high-yield potential, excellent drought tolerance and resistance to insects endemic to Texas. I make active use of a wide array of cotton germplasm including exotic upland and interspecific lines. My cotton testing region includes Central and South Texas, as well as the Rolling Plains.


I emphasize high-impact learning experiences in my teaching responsibilities. Courses include undergraduate Plant Breeding and Genetics (SCSC 304); Professional Development in Agronomy (SCSC 305); International Agricultural Systems (SCSC 410); Mexico Study Abroad (SCSC 421); crops judging; undergraduate research; undergraduate internships; graduate research and advising. Within these courses are several distance delivered and a writing intensive sections.

Support Staff and Students

Martin Carlos Costa | Catherine Danmaigona Clement | Chersty Harper | Jeremy Stiles | Wenzhuo Wu


Courses Taught
SCSC 304 - Plant Breeding and Genetics. (3-0). Credit 3.II Introduction to principles of genetics and use of plant breeding to improve crops and turfgrass. Emphasis on plant improvement through the use of hybridization and selection, as well as special breeding methods and techniques applicable to naturally self-pollinated, cross-pollinated and asexually reproduced plants. Prerequisite: SCSC 105.
SCSC 421- International Agricultural Research Centers – Mexico. (3-0). Credit 3. I Students will be introduced to international plant and soil science research centers and develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities in underdeveloped agriculture systems. An underlying theme to this course is the role of agriculture in the creation and success of civilizations.
SCSC 305- Production Agronomy Experiences. (1-0). Credit 1. I Introduction to agronomy industry practices related to crop production. Site visits in Texas and in the Mississippi Delta will include a farm equipment dealership, agro-chemical distribution center, a production row-crop farm, a public and private agronomy research center, and living history farm.