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Sam Feagley

Feagley, Sam
Sam Feagley
Professor, and State Soil Environmental Specialist
350C Heep Center
Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1979

Specialty:Soil Environmental Chemistry

Extension. Nutrient management of land application of animal wastes and biosolids. Reclamation of drastically altered lands, such as lignite surface mined lands. Reclamation of saline/sodic soils. Remediation of metals in soils, surface waters, and ground waters. Coordinator for the Nutrient Management Certification Short Course in conjunction with Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Research. Nutrient management of land application of animal wastes and biosolids. Evaluation/validation of the Texas Phosphorus Assessment Tool, also known as the Phosphorus Index (PI).

Teaching. SCSC 301, Soil Science, is the department’s introductory soil course. This class prepares students for all other soil science courses. It is taught spring, summer (first session), and fall. SCSC 420/620, Brazilian Agriculture and Food Production Systems taught in the wintermester helps students experience the culture, agriculture, and wonders of Brazil. SCSC 615, Reclamation of Drastically Altered Lands, a graduate level course designed to help students become familiar with Federal and State regulations about coal surface mining, concentrated animal feeding operations, and Class A and B biosolids. This course prepares students to work in regulatory agencies, consulting firms, and academics roles related to policy making, interpretation, and implementation.

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