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Joseph M. Awika

Awika, Joseph M.
Joseph M. Awika
Associate Professor
429 Heep Center
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2003

Specialty:Food Science & Technology

Support Staff and Students

Derrick Amoako | Julia Brantsen | Audrey Girard  | Fariha Irshad |  Shreeya RavisankarTadesse Tefessa


My research focus is grain chemistry, processing and quality: Identifying mechanisms by which secondary plant metabolites and minor grain constituents can be optimized to improve food quality and human health; processing techniques to improve health and nutritional profile of grains. In these endeavors, I collaborate closely with plant breeders and geneticists as well as nutritional biochemists. I am also involved in international projects aimed at using grains to improve livelihood through nutrition and food security for small scale farmers in Africa.

Courses Taught
FSTC 305. Fundamental Baking. (2-3). Credit 3. II Fundamentals of baking; chemical and physical properties of ingredients, methods of baking all products, fundamental reactions of dough, fermentation and oven baking. Prerequisite: CHEM 222 or 227 or approval of instructor.
FSTC 401. Food Product Development (2-3). Credit 3. II Design and develop food products using principles of food chemistry, food processing, nutrition, sensory analysis and statistics; team collaborate to improve food product characteristics to meet the needs of changing society. Prerequisites: FSTC 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 326 or registration therein.
FSTC 631. Food Carbohydrates. (3-0). Credit 3. Chemistry, structure, functionality and nutritional properties of food carbohydrates; fiber chemistry, functionality and nutritional properties, artificial sweeteners, starch structure and functionality and hydrocolloid functionality. Prerequisite: BICH 410. (Offered in alternate years.)
FSTC 681. Seminar in Food Science . (1-0). Credit 1. Oral reports and discussions of current research and developments in food technology designed to broaden understanding of problems and to stimulate research.