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Joseph M. Awika

Awika, Joseph M.
Joseph M. Awika
Associate Professor
429 Heep Center
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2003

Specialty:Food Science & Technology

Support Staff and Students

Suleiman Althawab | Julia Brantsen | Kaitlyn Duke | Audrey Girard  | Shreeya RavisankarTadesse Tefessa


My research focus is grain chemistry, processing and quality: Identifying mechanisms by which secondary plant metabolites and minor grain constituents can be optimized to improve food quality and human health; processing techniques to improve health and nutritional profile of grains. In these endeavors, I collaborate closely with plant breeders and geneticists as well as nutritional biochemists. I am also involved in international projects aimed at using grains to improve livelihood through nutrition and food security for small scale farmers in Africa.

Cereal Quality Lab

Courses Taught
FSTC 305. Fundamental Baking. (2-3). Credit 3. II Fundamentals of baking; chemical and physical properties of ingredients, methods of baking all products, fundamental reactions of dough, fermentation and oven baking. Prerequisite: CHEM 222 or 227 or approval of instructor.
FSTC 401. Food Product Development (2-3). Credit 3. II Design and develop food products using principles of food chemistry, food processing, nutrition, sensory analysis and statistics; team collaborate to improve food product characteristics to meet the needs of changing society. Prerequisites: FSTC 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 326 or registration therein.
FSTC 631. Food Carbohydrates. (3-0). Credit 3. Chemistry, structure, functionality and nutritional properties of food carbohydrates; fiber chemistry, functionality and nutritional properties, artificial sweeteners, starch structure and functionality and hydrocolloid functionality. Prerequisite: BICH 410. (Offered in alternate years.)
FSTC 681. Seminar in Food Science . (1-0). Credit 1. Oral reports and discussions of current research and developments in food technology designed to broaden understanding of problems and to stimulate research.