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Curtis Adams

Adams, Curtis
Curtis Adams
Assistant Professor of Crop Science
940.552.9941 ex. 230
Vernon, Texas
Ph.D., Crop Physiology, Utah State University, 2013

Specialty: Crop Ecology and Physiology

Research. In the research efforts I direct in my lab, we utilize the tools and principles of crop physiology, crop ecology, and agronomy to implement diverse research projects. The overarching goal of my work is to generate new knowledge and improved understanding of whole-plant, crop, and cropping system functions and applying that understanding to make improvements in crop profitability and environmental impact. Several topics are of particular interest, including: plant and crop responses to stress; improving nutrient retention and cycling in cropping systems; effective use of water; root system biology; and diversifying cropping systems to enhance ecosystem services and improve economic stability in rural communities. The research program outputs are both applied and more basic, with regional and broader relevance.

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