Agronomist – organic crops

Grimmway Farms
Bakersfield, CA
Job Category
Bachelor's Degree

Grimmway Farms is the largest grower of organic vegetables in the United States, with approximately 50,000 acres in production annually.

The agronomist will spend considerable time in the field assessing crop performance and working with other members of the agronomy team to solve problems and make recommendations related to soil fertility; insect, disease and weed control; and issues related to variety performance, irrigation and cultural management.

The agronomist will also become an authority on all existing and new fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals used in organic crop production.

Complete job description
Bachelor's degree in Agronomy, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Environmental Chemistry or related field.
Candidates with a graduate degree preferred
Farming or field research experience a plus
Experience with organic farming and/or familiarity with organic farming concepts is desired, but not required.

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Contact Person
Maria Tinoco
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