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  • Children/Visitors in the workplace
    There are occasions when a person who is not an employee of The Texas A&M University System (A&M System) is present in a Texas A&M AgriLife Research facility. Non-employees may be exposed to potential hazards in laboratories, pesticides treated fields, shop areas, etc. Any person who is not a A&M System employee and who will be involved with potentially hazardous procedures at an AgriLife Research unit must be supervised and properly trained.

    Each non-employee, including visitors, at an AgriLife Research unit must be supervised by an employee of Texas A&M AgriLife Research. Children of current employees, students and approved visitors are only allowed in office spaces. Access to laboratories, fields, or greenhouses/growth chambers requires prior approval from the department head or his designee, Dana McMahon. Approval can be obtained by phone – (979) 862-1023, email – mcmahon.dana@tamu.edu or personal visit to Dana McMahon or Dr. Baltensperger in Mrs. McMahon’s absence.

    Parents /guardians must accompany their children at all times when occupying Department of Soil and Crop Sciences facilities. Teachers or other supervisors of visiting children, e.g., public school or other organizational field trips to our department and/or with our faculty, also must accompany children at all times. Standard safety equipment such as required clothing must be enforced for visitors, including children.

  • Faculty Workstations PolicyDepartment personnel must notify Soil & Crop Sciences IT Office when personal or newly acquired computer equipment is being utilized for work purposes by filling out an Inventory & IP Information Request Form for each piece of computer equipment that is attached to the TAMU Network. As a result, the IT Office will be aware of potential vulnerabilities and/or security weaknesses that may be introduced into the TAMU Network.
  • Network Termination PolicyTerminated employees must have their network access terminated in a timely manner unless given an extension by the Department Head. The Department may grant continued access to former employees if a benefit to the University exists. The Department has a plan in place to notify IT of terminated employees. Policy complies with SAP 24.99.99.M1.03 Information Resources – Account Management.
  • Accounts Payable Policy
    SCSC faculty, staff and project specialists have seven business days to respond to the business office with an account number for invoices. On the eighth business day, invoices will be paid from the employees’ designated, unrestricted or IDC account.

    If the employee requests an account change after the charge is posted there will be a 5% administrative fee charged to the employees’ designated , unrestricted or IDC account for the correction process.

  • Orders placed outside of AggieBuy All orders placed outside of AggieBuy must include a purchase order number comprised of account number and support acct number (ex. 203104-08010). Due to the high volume of invoices we receive, this information will be critical in identifying the faculty/staff member placed the order and ensure prompt payment.

    REMINDER: AggieBuy is the preferred method for ordering items.


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