Employee Intranet

Branding Guide, Logos and Presentation Materials

Business Cards and Stationery

Copy and Print Services

Departmental IT Policies

  • Faculty Workstations Policy – Department personnel must notify Soil & Crop Sciences IT Office when personal or newly acquired computer equipment is being utilized for work purposes by filling out an Inventory & IP Information Request Form for each piece of computer equipment that is attached to the TAMU Network. As a result, the IT Office will be aware of potential vulnerabilities and/or security weaknesses that may be introduced into the TAMU Network.
  • Network Termination Policy – Terminated employees must have their network access terminated in a timely manner unless given an extension through SCS IT Office to Department Head. The Department may grant continued access to former employees if a benefit to the University exists. The Department has a plan in place to notify IT of terminated employees. Policy complies with SAP 24.99.99.M1.03 Information Resources – Account Management.

Departmental Letterhead

Faculty Performance Evaluation & Departmental Promotion and Tenure Policy

Forms, Leave, Payroll


Promotion & Tenure Guidelines and Forms

Faculty Interviews

Prospective Students

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